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Our 7 Ecommerce trends to action for 2020


1. Predictive and personalisation selling

I always buy things at the end of season sale and I tend to wear the same brands with a similar aesthetic. What would be great is if my favourite shops knew this and sent me personalised offers at these times, I would definitely buy more.

2. The use of chat

Chat is becoming a key communication/engagement tool, users love it when it’s done right, by humans not bots. You can imagine how chat can transform the buying experience and improve satisfaction. I bought some hardware to do some DIY that I wasn’t very clued up about the other day and the person on chat helped me select the right materials. Now imagine what else you could do with chat, even take a payment?!.

3. Mobile payments and legislation

SCA and PSD2 must be adhered to by the end of 2020 in the UK (read our other post on that

Mobile is increasingly the way in which people shop and due to digital wallets providing the right level of authentication, mobile is going to provide the best experience for overcoming friction caused by the SCA legislation.

4. Open Banking in the EU

The payment options are to become even more fragmented with Open Banking, which is not just about data connectivity, it will also provide new cheaper and more trustworthy ways to pay and get paid. The user experience right now is poor but will likely be adopted by merchants as they aim to reduce the processing fees on bigger orders in future.

5. Selling to LATAM

Business is about to boom and we’re already working with a number of our clients to enable payments in this region, it’s time to open up your addressable market with trusted payment providers.

6. Social Selling

You can now sell stuff on Instagram, selling anything is more likely if you can appear in the places where people spend their time. How can your ecommerce platform facilitate this?

7. Dropshipping or last mile fulfilment

Companies like Shipstation are providing a service where customers have shipping preferences like EXPEDIANCY. Ensure that your platform works with kinds of companies to satisfy the insatiable consumer desire of I want it now, my way!

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